2.4-110GHz High Power Waveguide Isolator, customized by UIY!

UIY Waveguide Isolators provide multiple size options, high frequency band and wide frequency range (2.4Ghz-110GHz.). Meanwhile, we provide flexible customization to project requirements. Below are the specifications of two UIY models for references: ①Waveguide Isolator: frequency range of 12.4-18GHz, size: 33×33×21mm. ②Waveguide Isolator: frequency range of 22.0-32.0GHz, full bandwidth, size: 22.1×60×30mm.

UIY 700MHz low frequency RF Isolator and Circulator

The 700MHz band signal has advantages as low propagation loss, wide coverage, strong penetration, high transmission efficiency, small base station construction scale and low networking cost. UIY provides vast options of 700MHz frequency range Isolator Circulators. ①Model: UIYCI3556A ②Model: UIYCI3538A ③Model: UIYDI3546A ④Model: UIYDI3538A ⑤Model: UIYSI15A ⑥Model: UIYSI12A ⑦Model: UIYSI25A

[New] UIY 18-26.5GHz, 26.5-40GHz full bandwidth Coaxial Isolator and Drop in Isolator

UIY releases new products as below: (1)Freq. Range : 18-26.5GHz Model Number : UIYBCI1025A Product type: Coaxial Isolator; (2)Freq. Range : 18-26.5GHz Model Number : UIYBDI1025A Product type: Drop in Isolator; (3)Freq. Range : 26.5-40GHz Model Number : UIYBCI1125A Product type: Coaxial Isolator; (4)Freq. Range : 26.5-40GHz Model Number : UIYBDI1125A Product type: Drop in Isolator;