[Product Recommend] 2.0~4.0GHz, 3.0~6.0GHz Broadband High Isolation Isolator/Circulator

It is recommended that the broadband dual junction isolator/circulator with frequency band 2.0~4.0GHz, 3.0~6.0GHz——S band, C band, power 100W, which are mostly required by our customers. All come with high isolation and wide frequency band. ①Broadband Isolator Model: UIYBCI6434A, Freq.Range: 2.0~4.0GHz. ②Broadband Isolator Model: UIYBCI5028A, Freq.Range: 3.0~6.0GHz. ③Broadband Circulator Model: UIYBCC6434A, Freq.Range: 2.0~4.0GHz. ④Broadband Circulator Model: UIYBCC5028A, Freq.Range: 3.0~6.0GHz.