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About UIY

UIY was established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, with the registered capital of 200 million yuan (about 32 million dollars). It is an integrated enterprise, which includes research, production, marketing and service for the civilian and military microwave communications device. The products are sold all over the world. Relying on industrial advantages and excellent professional skills, UIY won reputation and public praise in the microwave communications industry under experienced domestic and international operation mode.

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There are many kinds of radio frequency connectors , in order to meet the needs of various frequencies and physical structures. People have designed a variety of connector types, with each type of connector is required to meet the corresponding connector standards. The frequency range of the coaxial connector is limited by the first-order round waveguide  mode. Reducing the radius inside of the......Detail
In RF or microwave multi-carrier communication systems, IMD3 is an important indicator to measure linearity or distortion. Before understanding IMD3, let's first introduce what IMD is. IMD (Intermodulation Distortion) When two signal frequencies F1 and F2 or multiple signal frequencies pass through the same remote RF transmission system at the same time, nonlinear frequency components are......Detail
1. What is "Smith Chart”? The chart was invented by Phillip Smith in 1939 while working at RCA in the United States. Smith once said, "When I can use a slide rule, I'm interested in graphically representing mathematical relationships." The basics of the Smith chart lie in the following formula. where Γ represents the reflection coefficient of its line That is, S11 and ZL in the S-par......Detail
The X-band belongs to the microwave frequency range. There are two versions of X-band: one refers to the radio wave band with a frequency of 8-12 GHz, and the other refers to the frequency range of X-band with a frequency of 7-11.2 GHz. According to IEEE 521-2002 standard, X-band refers to the radio wave band with a frequency of 8-12 GHz (wavelength range 37.50 - 25.00 mm), which belongs to micro......Detail
At 12:00 on June 2, at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center of China, the Long March 2C carrier rocket ignited and launched the Geely Constellation 01 group of satellites in the way of "one arrow and nine stars", and then sent the satellites into the predetermined orbit and launched. It was a great success. In this mission, the number of satellites launched by the Long March 2C rocket in a single l......Detail
GalaxySpace successfully realized the first domestic V-band low-orbit satellite measurement and control on its 02 batches of satellites. This batch of satellites was successfully launched at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on March 5. It is the first low-orbit broadband communication satellite developed in batches in my country. In-orbit simulation map of Galaxy Aerospace 02......Detail