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UIY Inc. was established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China. It is an integrated enterprise, which includes research, production, marketing and service for the civilian and military microwave communications device. The products are sold all over the world. Relying on industrial advantages and excellent professional skills, UIY won reputation and public praise in the microwave communications industry under experienced domestic and international operationmode. The frequency range DC-112GHz and average power...

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1250MHz is one of the popular bands in frequency allocation, benefit from its capability of long signal transmission, low attenuation comparing to mmWave band etc.   There are two main applications of this band. 1.  Satellite communication: In the 1250MHz frequency band, it is mainly used for communication between satellites and ground stations. Satellite communications can achiev......Detail
Dear Customers and Suppliers:   At the beginning of New Year, everything is renewed. UIY Would like to thanks for your long supports and sincere trust. We promise to work harder to provide you with better service in the New Year. We will have a long holiday to celebrate Spring Festival from 5Feb to 18Feb, and resume to work on 19Feb. Maybe delay in replying email, pls kindly understandi......Detail
Before introduction of UHF CB, I would like to explain UHF PRS first. It is the abbreviation of Ultra High Frequency – Personal Radio Service, a short distance, unlicensed, two-way voice radio service for general purpose use. Personal radio service is meant to be used for direct, personal voice communications, which is UHF CB essentially.   UHF CB is a class-licensed citizen's band radi......Detail
Dear customers and suppliers:   Thanks for your strong support and trust in our company all along.   As New Year's Day approaches, in accordance with relevant regulations and based on the actual situation of the company, UIY  New Year's Holiday in 2024 is as follows: December 30, 2023 (Saturday) to January 1, 2024 (Monday),  total  3 days off (November 18 to November 20 2023 ......Detail
Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is an important 5G technology, providing new and more flexible wireless solutions for broadband for the last mile to the home. Fixed wireless is the operation of wireless communication devices or systems used to connect two fixed locations (e.g., building to building or tower to building) with a radio or other wireless link, such as laser bridge. Usually, fixed w......Detail
What is C-band? The C-band is full band between 4 to 8GHz, which has been used for satellite since 1970s, now part of the band ranges is released for cellular companies.   The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has divided C-band into three groups: band n77(3300~4200MHz), band n78(3300~3800MHz), and band n79(4400~5000MHz). Most European and Asian countries currently use n......Detail