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About UIY

Established in Shenzhen, China in 2003 with the registered capital of 200 million yuan (about 32 million dollars), UIY is a formal enterprise engaged in the production of microwave communication devices for military and civilian use with the approval of Chinese government and its products have even been sold abroad. Relying on the industrial

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We would like to invite you and your company representatives to attend the Microwave and Antenna Technology Conference to be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from October 25 to 27, 2017. This year we have developed some new products, I believe your company will be interested in this, and we hope to take this opportunity to work with your company more in-depth conversa......Detail
bstract: Classification of amplifiers, amplifier described here in detail for your classification, B class amplifier, C, power amplifiers, D class amplifier, E power amplifier 1, B Class Amplifier This type of amplifier for the 180° conduction angle efficiency of 78.5%, a half weeks of work. The use of superimposed positive and negative half-cycle approach can recover the input signal wavefo......Detail
3dB bridge on the arms of the bridge notes: 1, when the bridge carrying arms to gently, using the bridge before the instructions should be strictly in accordance with the method of wiring. 2, the double bridge resistor for measuring low resistance test method must be terminated by four access bridge, current and voltage connector joints should be separated connection, the connection point to......Detail
A band-pass filter works: An ideal filter should have a completely flat passband, for example, there is no gain in the passband or attenuation at all frequencies outside the passband is completely attenuate In addition, the conversion of the pass-band in a very small frequency range to complete. In fact, there is no ideal band-pass filter. The filter is not able to expect all frequencies outsid......Detail
Phase of the incident and reflected waves the same place, the voltage amplitude of the maximum voltage amplitude sum Vmax, forming antinodes ; incident and reflected waves in opposite phase relative to the local voltage amplitude is reduced to the minimum voltage amplitude Vmin, the formation of the node . Other amplitude value of each point is between antinodes and the node between . This synthet......Detail
Circulator is used to transmit the incident wave which entry from any port of its body to the next port, according to a certain direction confirmed by Static bias magnetic field. It is a nonreciprocal devices with sevral ports. For example, input signal from port 1, the signal can just output from port 2, the same princple, input signal from port 2, the signal can just output from port 3. By parit......Detail