New! 4~8GHz Wideband Isolator with High Reverse Power

Time: 2023-11-14

The new debut UIYBCI1926A4T8SF from UIY is a wideband circulator operating over 4~8GHz full-band. It provides excellent performances as insertion loss less than 0.5dB, isolator higher than 20dB, return loss 19dB. The UIYBCI1926A features in forward power 100W and reverse power 20W.

The C-band 4-8GHz as one of the most popular Satcom spectrum, is paying a key role in the communication fields more and more. With the development of terrestrial communication services, the C-band frequency resources which are used for satellite communications before, have gradually been occupied by terrestrial communication services.

Produce name: Coaxial Isolator

Model No.: UIYBCI1926A4T8SF

Frequency: 4.0 ~ 8.0GHz

Forward power: 100W

Reverse power: 20W

Insertion loss:0.5dB

Isolation: 20dB

Return loss: 19dB

Connector: SMA Female

Operation temp.: -55 ~ +85 °C

Mechanical size: 19x26x13mm

Manufacturer: UIY Inc.