New Release! 6 to 18GHz 180º 3dB 2-Way Combiner / Hybrid Coupler

Time : 2023-11-17

The new released 180degree 3dB coupler UIY2T2HC4040A is designed to operate over 6-18GHz ultrawide band. It works at insertion loss less than 1.5dB, isolation higher than 16dB, VSWR1.6:1 in maximum. This unique model provides Phase

Imbalance±8˚, and amplitude Imbalance±0.6. The UIY2T2CHC4040A is capable of forward power 30W, peak 3kW. The default connector is in SMA-Female and customer services are available upon request.


Product name: 2-Way Combiner

Model No.: UIY2T2HC4040A6T18SF

Frequency range: 6.0 ~ 18.0GHz

Insertion loss: 1.5dB (Coupling 3dB)

Isolation Min: 16dB

VSWR Max:1.6

Phase Imbalance: ±8˚

Amplitude Imbalance: ±0.6

AVG: 30W Peak: 3KW

Connector Type: SMA-F

Temp.: -55 ~ +85°C

Manufacturer: UIY Inc.