New Debut! 2900~3100MHz Band Pass Filter

Time: 2023-10-09

The tailor-made cavity filter UIYBPF7676A is working over pass band 2900~3100MHz. It performs on rejection higher than 50dB@DC~2850MHz & 3150~7000MHz. UIYBPF7676A provides insertion loss less than 1.5dB, handling power 20W in average, VSWR less than 1.35:1.


The 2900~3100MHz frequency band is mainly allocated for radio measurement and positioning services, such as on-board radio navigation radar, air object detection, etc. These applications require radiolocation radars with high sensitivity, which must effectively suppress all forms of spurious echoes, including those from sea, land and precipitation.


Product name: Band Pass Filter

Model No.: UIYBPF7676A

Sub-model: UIYBPF7676A2900T3100SF

Band Pass: 2900 ~ 3100MHz

Rejection: 50dB@DC~2850MHz


Insertion Loss: <1.5dB


Power: 20W

Connector type: SMA Female

Size: 76*76*27mm

Operate temp.: -45~+85°C