POI System Design and Features
Time : 2023-06-16

In last article, we introduced the concept and common applications of the POI system. This article will focus on the POI system design and product features.


The common design of POI System:

1) Two-way co-channel mode for signal sending and receiving.

Two way co channel mode POI System


2)One-way split mode for signal sending and receiving.

One way split mode POI system


POI system product features:

1. Compatible with multiple systems

Meet DTV, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G (can support LTE MIMO) and other standard requirements.

2. High power, strong signal transmission capability

Average power at 200W, some custom systems support up to 10000W.

3. Low insertion loss, high isolation

Using the frequency band combiner designed at the interval of each operator, it has the characteristics of low loss and high isolation

4. Low intermodulation, low reflection

We use precision craft manufacturing, to guarantee superior performances of system intermodulation and reflection.

5. High stability, long service life

Our system adopts modular design, which has high sealing performance, and has a service life of more than 20 years.

6. Flexible installation

It allows to install by multiple methods such as wall-mounted, cabinet, and desktop to meet for different environments

7. Green and environment friendly

Appliance of RoHS, REACH Standard.

8. Operating temperature -25 ~ +65℃

The system is designed to meet the working environment of the base station or equipment room.