Quick Understanding of POI System
Time : 2023-06-08

POI is the abbreviation of POINT OF INTERFACE, that is, a multi-system integration platform. It is mainly used for multi-band and multi-signal combination to achieve compatible coverage of multi-network signals. It realizes multi-system, multi-band signal transceiver and cable transmission: and is able to meet the versatile requirements of DTV, 2G,  3G, 4G,  5G (can support LTE MIMO) etc.


The POI is mainly used for indoor coverage of large buildings such as convention centers, exhibition halls, subways, railway stations, airports, and government offices. The system uses a frequency combiner and a hybrid combiner to combine mobile signals of different operators and multiple standards and introduce them into the antenna feeder distribution system to make full use of resources and avoid repeated investment in the construction of indoor distribution systems.


To avoid interference, POI is divided into two platforms, uplink and downlink, which transmit uplink and downlink signals separately. As a bridge connecting wireless communication donor signals and distributed coverage signals (leakage cables and antenna arrays, etc.), POI’s main function is to combine and split the uplink and downlink RF signals of each operator, and filter out the interferences between the frequency bands.


The main function of the POI uplink part is to collect signals from mobile phones of different standards and transmit them to the uplink POI through antenna collection and feeder transmission, and then send signals of different frequency bands to different operators’ base stations after the POI detects them.


The main function of the POI downlink part is to synthesize the carrier signals of various operators and different frequency bands and send them to the antenna distribution system in the coverage area.


Main Features:

(1) To combine the signal of mobile communication equipment and split the signal of antenna feeder distribution system.

(2) To suppress the useless signals;

(3) To filter and transmit the signals of mobile communication equipment and antenna feeder distribution system;

(3) Real-time and accurate monitoring function.


In the follow-up articles, we will introduce the designs of the POI system, the introduction of specific application scenarios and installation features, etc., so stay tuned.

POI System