Microstrip Isolator/Circulator Mounting Instruction Manual
Time : 2022-12-06

Storage Conditions:

This product must be stored in a cool and dry area. (Nitrogen Cabinet or Dry Cabinet)



Operating with a Plastic or Bamboo Tweezer and Free-Dust Finger Cots on a clean area.

Avoid scratching on the Microstrip Line.


Cleaning Process:

It is recommended to use Absolute Ethanol clean the surface, or wipe gently with Anhydrous Ethanol Cotton.



Mounting Instruction:

  • Welding Process:

Solder with melting point of 183℃ or below is recommended for installation, for example:  Sn63pb37 Solder Paste or Solder sheet.

If using a Heating Platform for welding, remove the products after the solder is fully melted at 200℃, and the residence time does not exceed 30 seconds.

  • Bonding Process:

The Dots of conductive glue should be even and uniform. After the product is placed in the installation position and pressed tightly, the conductive glue can be seen around it but not exceeds. The curing temperature is less than 140°C.

Lead Connection

  • Bonding Method:

The bonding gold wire is recommended to be 25μm, the Thermosonic bonding temperature is 100-150°C, the pressure of the ball bond is 30-55gf, and the pressure of the wedge bond is 15-25gf.

  • Soldering Method:

          Place the box/board with the microstrip product installed on a 120°C heating table to preheat.

          It is recommended to use solder with a melting point temperature of 183°C or below, and then lap the gold-plated

          copper foil connecting wires pre-pressed into a certain arc to the flux-coated on the microstrip line, use a pointed

          electric soldering iron to solder the connecting wires in sequence.

          The temperature of the soldering iron is set at 210-230°C, and the soldering time does not exceed 2 seconds per time.

          It is required that the soldering should be as little as possible and the solder joints should be smooth and round.

          Soldering of leads is generally not recommended.


Assembly Instruction Chart:

[1] Mounting Gap for assembly Dimensions:   Dimension1

[2] The unilateral assembly gap of the product should be <0.05mm

Microstrip Isolators and Circulators Assembly

Microstrip Isolator/Circulator Images

Microstrip Isolator and Circulator Images