UIY 700MHz low frequency RF Isolator and Circulator

Due to the diversity of spec, we are unable to display all products.
If you have any parameter questions about frequency, power, insertion loss etc, pls feel free to contact us directly.

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The 700MHz band signal has advantages as low propagation loss, wide coverage, strong penetration, high transmission efficiency, small base station construction scale and low networking cost.UIY provides vast options of 700MHz frequency range Isolator Circulators.

Here list several common sizes for references. customers can consult us in detail by needs.


Product Picture

Mechanical Drawing


Model: UIYCI3556A

Model: UIYCI3538A


Model: UIYDI3546A


Model: UIYDI3538A


Model: UIYSI15A


Model: UIYSI12A


Model: UIYSI25A