UIY 1000-3800MHz High Power Circulator has small size and peak value up to 2000W.

High Power Circulator

Today we recommend a high-power coaxial circulator UIYCC4546A, the peak value of this circulator can be as high as 2000W. Low insertion loss, high isolation, small volume, high power handling. Military,space and commercial applications.

Due to the diversity of spec, we are unable to display all products.
If you have any parameter questions about frequency, power, insertion loss etc, pls feel free to contact us directly.

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Model parameters 
Freq.Range: 1000~3800MHz Peak/AVG Power: 2000/600W
IL.: 0.3dB Connector Type : N
Isolation: 23dB Temp.: -40~+85°C
VSWR: 1.2 Dimension LxWxH: 45×46×26mm

Product Picture

Connector Type : Male connector + female connector

Connector Type : female connector

RF Characteristics

Mechanical Drawing