[Product Recommendation] UIY high isolation, high power, 96×48mm Dual Junction Isolator recommended

Dual Junction Isolator can also be called multi-Junction Isolator, It is composed of two or more single-Junction Isolator, It can also be divided into Dual Junction/multi-Junction Coaxial Isolator and Dual Junction/multi-Junction Drop in Isolator according to different connection forms. From the point of view of performance, the Isolation of the double section isolator is superimposed, so it has the characteristics of high isolation, so Dual Junction Isolator can also be called a high isolation Isolator. So in the application, if you need to have a large isolation, you can choose a Dual Junction Isolator. As shown in Figure 1.

The connection form can be divided into N, SMA, TAB, As shown in Figure 2.

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

Introduce the 96×48×24mm Dual Junction Isolator today, Model UIYCDI9648A,

its parameters are as follows:

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Model parameters  Forward Power:  400W
Freq.Range:  250~1300MHz Reverse Power: 30W
IL.:  0.6dB Connector Type: N,SMA
Isolation:  50dB Temp.: -30~+70°C
VSWR:  1.15 Dimension LxWxH: 96×48×24mm

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