Custom Services! 5100~5900MHz Drop in isolator UIYDI2430A


UIYDI2430A is a tailor-made drop in isolator for frequency 5100~5900MHz.

It is able to handle forward power in 60W and reverse power in 60W.

The RF performances is designed as per customer request, il0.4 iso20 VSWR1.25 over operating temperature 0~+75℃, and il0.45 iso18 VSWR1.35 over operating temperature -40~+75℃.


Product Name: Drop In Isolator

Model No.: UIYDI2430A5100T5900

Frequency: 5100~5900MHz

Forward Power: 60W

Reverse Power: 60W

il0.4dB iso20dB VSWR1.25 @ 0~+75℃

il0.45dB iso18dB VSWR1.35 @ -40~+75℃

Size: 24*30*8.5mm

Manufacturer: UIY Inc.