New Release! 2 to 8GHz 12 Way Power Divider / Splitter

Time: 2023-08-24

UIY new released 12way power dividers supports ultra-wide band 2~8GHz.

It offers insertion loss 1.2dB, split 10.8dB, isolation more than 25dB, Phase Unbalance ±3˚, Amplitude Unbalance ±0.6dB. The operation temperature is -55~+85degC.

Custom services are available upon request.


Model Number: UIY12PD15692A2T8SF

Freq. Range (GHz): 2.0 ~ 8.0GHz

Insertion Loss Max(dB): 1.2(Split 10.8dB)

Isolation Min(dB): 25.0dB

Input Max: 1.4

Output Max: 1.2

Phase Unbalance: ±3˚

Amplitude Unbalance: ±0.6dB

Power Forward: 30W

Power Reverse: 2W

Connector Type: SMA-F

Temp.(°C): -55 ~ +85

Size: 156×92×10mm

Manufacturer: UIY Inc.