0.7 to 6GHz 100W Reverse Power Drop in Isolator


UIY has presented a drop in isolator model with high reverse power up to 100W. Model No: UIYDI1219A operating over 700MHz to 6GHz with bandwidth 30%. It is able to handle forward power 100W, reverse power 100W, it is mainly used for the application which requires high reverse power miniature size 12.7*19.1*8.0mm.


RF performances as insertion loss 0.3dB, isolation 23dB, VSWR1.2:1, the extra attenuator chip could be added at 3rd port upon customer request, for example 100W-30dB in reverse.


Model No.: UIYDI1219A

Freq.Range:0.7 ~ 6.0GHz

Bandwidth: 30%

IL Max(dB): 0.3

Isolation Min (dB): 23dB

VSWR Max:  1.2:1

Forward Power(W):  100W

Reverse Power(W): 100W

Connector Type:  TAB

Temp. (°C): -40 ~ +85 °C

Dimension LxWxH(mm):  12.7*19.1*8.0mm

Manufacturer: UIY Inc.


Datasheet: https://www.uiy.com/Datasheet/UIYDI1219A.pdf

Video: https://youtu.be/Y39tO70bFac



UIYDI1219A Mechanical Drawing