8 to 12GHz Microstrip Circulator-UIYBMC66A8T12

Time: 2023-02-27

The 8~12GHz microstrip circulator supplied by UIY is very popular in the market by its excellent performance, very competitive price and fast delivery services.


Miniature and ultrawide band are another unneglectable factor in the microwave circulator development. The emerging trends such as accelerated development of dual-band radars, miniaturization of radar structures, and increasing adoption of X-band radars in space-based applications are expected to impact the market greatly.


Model No.: UIYBMC66A8T12

Freq.Range (GHz): 8.0 ~ 12.0GHz

BW: Full

IL (dB): 0.6dB max

Isolation (dB): 16dB min

VSWR:1.35:1 max

Forward Power(W) : 10W

Reverse Power(W) : 10W

Connector Type: Microstrip

Temp. (°C): -55 ~ +85°C

Dimension LxWxH(mm): 6.0*6.0*2.5mm

Datasheet:  https://www.uiy.com/Datasheet/UIYBMC66A.pdf


Mechanical Drawing

UIYBMC66A8T12 Mechanical DrawingUIYBMC66A8T12 Images