5G 4800MHz 3600MHz Pass band Filter – UIYBPF6060A


UIYBPF6060A is a tailored filter by customer request, which allows pass band 4800MHz or 3600MHz with minimum rejection at 40dB@±40MHz, 50dB@±50MHz.

UIY offer custom services on band pass filters up to 40GHz. Please reach out for tailor-made products.


Model No.: UIYBPF6060A

Freq. Range (MHz): 4800MHz /3600MHz

IL Max(dB): 1.6

Rejection Min (dB): 40dB@±40MHz


VSWR Max:  1.35

Power(W): 10W

Connector Type: SMA-Female

Temp. (°C): -10 ~ +60 °C

Dimension (mm):  60*60*30 mm

Manufacturer: UIY Inc.


Video: https://youtu.be/R7xGgQioE3g

UIYBPF6060AUIYBPF6060A Mechanical Drawing