2.4-110GHz High Power Waveguide Isolator, customized by UIY!

Because of UIY wide products series, if there are unlisted products or questions related to the frequency, index parameter, power, connector type etc., Please kindly contact our online customer services.

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UIY Waveguide Isolators provide multiple size options, high frequency band and wide frequency range (2.4Ghz-110GHz.). Meanwhile, we provide flexible customization to project requirements.

Because there are too many models, please visit UIY official website(www.uiy.com) for the specific parameters of each product. Customers who have inquiries can consult us directly as well.

Below are the specifications of two UIY models for references:


Waveguide Isolator: frequency range of 12.4-18GHz, size: 33×33×21mm.

Model:  UIYWI3333A

Forward Power: 100W

Freq.Range: 12.4~18GHz

Reverse Power:  30W

IL.: 0.25dB

Connector Type: WR62(BJ140)

Isolation: 25dB

Temp.: -40~+85°C

VSWR: 1.12

Dimension LxWxH: 33×33×21mm


Product Picture


RF Characteristics


Mechanical Drawing



Waveguide Isolator: frequency range of 22.0-32.0GHz, full bandwidth, size: 22.1×60×30mm.

Model:  UIYWI2260A

Forward Power: 10W

Freq.Range: 22.0~32.0GHz

Reverse Power:  1W

IL.: 0.4dB

Connector Type:  WR34(BJ260)

Isolation: 18dB

Temp.: -40~+70°C

VSWR: 1.3

Dimension LxWxH: 22.1×60×30mm


Product Picture


RF Characteristics


Mechanical Drawing