UIY 5G RF Isolator / Circulator-Does 5G signal cover Everest?
Time : 2020-05-29

45 years ago on May 27, the Chinese took surveysignal to the summit of Mount Everest for the first time. 45 years later, on May 27, the Mount Everest 2020 mountaineering team successfully summited Mount Everest, the world ’s highest peak.Everyone knows that it is hot news.However, there may be doubts about this. The staff who climbed Mount Everest this time used live 5G signal live video to carry out various measurements of Mount Everest. Is there a 5G signal on Mount Everest so high in altitude?

It turned out that as early as April this year, the 5G signal was already covered on the Mount Everest by the base station construction personnel.After undergoing high-level challenges, China Mobile built 5 5G base stations in the form of SA + NSA networking at the 5,300-meter elevation Everest Base Camp, the 5,800-meter transition camp and the 6,500-meter forward camp.At the same time, China Unicom and China Telecom have also completed the construction and coverage of 5G base stations.After the 5G network covers Mount Everest, everyone can enjoy the beauty of Mount Everest through 5G live broadcast, and also provide convenient services for future scientific research, mountain climbing and rescue.

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