The latest 5G rankings by country
Time : 2022-05-09

On May 6, Viavi, the Test and Measurement manufacturer announced its latest statistics on global 5G development.


The data shows that China currently has 356 5G cities, the United States has 296 5G cities, and the Philippines ranks third in the world with 98 5G cities.


By region, the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region has surpassed Asia Pacific, including Greater China (APAC), as the region with the largest number of 839 5G cities, followed by Asia Pacific (689 5G cities) ), and the third is the Americas region by 419 5G cities.


Currently, the number of cities in the world with 5G networks is 1,947. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of 5G cities is growing at a rate of nearly two per day, with 635 5G cities added in 2021 alone.


As of January 2022, 72 countries have 5G networks, and the latest batch of countries to open 5G networks include Argentina, Bhutan, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Malta and Mauritius. So far, most 5G networks deployed are NSA 5G networks, and there are 24 SA 5G networks worldwide.