The MIIT has taken the lead in dividing the 6GHz frequency band into 5G/6G systems globally
Time : 2023-08-04

Recently, the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a new version of the Regulations of the China on the Division of Radio Frequencies (MIIT File No. 62, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations of the Division), which has been officially implemented on July 1st, 2023.


The Regulations of the Division is a basic administrative regulation for the development, utilization and protection of Radio spectrum resources in China. It plays an important role in promoting the rational and effective use of Radio spectrum resources and guiding the high-quality development of the Radio industry. The MIIT, in accordance with the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union, takes into account the medium to long-term needs of various departments and industries for spectrum resources, and regularly organizes revisions to the Division Regulations.


In this revision of the Division Regulations this time, the MIIT took the lead in dividing all or part of the 6425-7125MHz frequency band into IMT (International Mobile Communications, including 5G/6G) systems globally.


The 6GHz frequency band is the only high-quality resource with large bandwidth in the mid frequency band, balancing coverage and capacity advantages. It is particularly suitable for deployment in 5G or future 6G systems, and can leverage the advantages of the existing mid-frequency 5G global industry. The determination of its regulatory status in the form of regulations is conducive to stabilizing the expectations of the 5G/6G industry, promoting the global or regional division of 5G/6G spectrum resources, providing necessary intermediate frequency resources for the development of 5G/6G, and promoting innovative development of mobile communication technology and industry.

The Potential of 6G