The 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition
Time : 2022-11-11

The 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition grand opening on Nov 8th in Zhuhai, Guangdong, as one of the five largest Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in the world, China’s Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition has become the window of international platform for aviation & aerospace technologies and equipment devices, and helps to promote the business cooperation at these fields.


Since 1996, the 1st exhibition in 26 years ago, China has made tremendous advances in the domestic aviation and aerospace industry. The world has full confidence in China and will also share the dividends of China’s Aviation & Aerospace industry chain in the aerospace field.


Witness China Aviation & Aerospace development 


Nov 5th,1996, the 1st China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition has begun within an 8000 square meters room. The 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition is above 100,000 square meters of indoor area, increased by more than 10 times in 26 years. The China Air Show has grown from an aerospace-based show to a comprehensive exhibition covering the full coverage of “land, sea, air, and sky power grids”.


China Aviation and AerospaceNov 8th,On the 14th China Airshow,a fighter jet J-20 landed and slides passing by the transport aircraft Y-20 at Zhuhai Airport. (Picture by Xinhua/ Liu Dawei)

Nov 8th, on the inauguration of the 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, the highlight Airshow of China – C919 display first debuts. There is a collective presentation of the 20th series of fighter jets, helicopters, and transport aircraft, and AG600M the aerial firefighting demonstration of 12 tons the water injection. Paralleled with the Xi’an Y-20 and C919 upper in the air; Harbin Z-20, Harbin Z-10, Harbin 8-L, and other army/military aviation equipment display their first debuts at the China Airshow.


China Airshow

Nov 8th, a fighter jet J-20 on the 14th China Airshow. (Picture by Xinhua/ Deng Hua)

The indoor exhibition is also magnificent. At the section of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the China Tiangong space station display module well built by the

China Academy of Space Technology is now becoming a popular spot in the exhibition.


China Academy of Space TechnologyNov 9th, the Wentian lab module of the China space station on the 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition. (Xinhua/ Liu Dawei)

The Aero Engine Corporation of China releases new products “Taihang” FWS series. The five “Taihang” models equipped with different aircraft are arranged in a concentrated manner, showing China’s aviation strength.


The advancement of China Airshow grows as the leap of China’s Aviation & Aerospace technology. The design, research & development, and manufacturing of Airliner, fighter jets, transport aircraft, air early warning, and unmanned aerial vehicles were evolutes in 20 years, and the ‘invisible’ cores such as aero-engines, radars, and avionics are also rapidly upgrading and iterating.


Global airlines are full of confidence in the Chinese market


More than 740 domestic and foreign companies from 43 countries and areas participate the online or offline China Airshow this year. The United States, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and other countries displayed the latest achievements in aviation & aerospace technology. Exhibitors are conveying their confidence in the Chinese market.


P band active phased array radarNov 8th, SLC-18P bands electronical scanned array radar on the 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition. (Picture by Xinhua/ Liu Dawei)


Sharing the benefits of the China Aviation & Aerospace industrial value chain


The high-technology and high-value Aviation & Aerospace industry has developed a manufacturing chain that linked manufacturers worldwide. In latest years, the manufacturing supply chain system in China has withstood severe ordeal brought by COVID-19 pandemic, allowing the world to share the dividends of a stable industrial chain.