NTT and KDDI collaborate on low-power 6G Optical Communication, aiming for power reduction by 99%
Time : 2023-03-07

Japanese telecom giants NTT and KDDI plan to collaborate on next-generation optical network technology for 6G.


NTT has been developing next-generation 6G transmission network technology for years, which is called “IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network)”. KDDI is strong in long-distance optical communication. The two companies hope to push IOWN technology into the 6G international standard through cooperation and accelerate its practical application.


NTT aims to increase network capacity to 125 times that of 4G by around 2030 while reducing power consumption to 1% (99% reduction).


Based on the IOWN technology, the two companies plan to sign a joint development partnership soon, according to industrial news.


Developers of next-generation telecom technologies are challenged to exchange massive amounts of data while reducing power consumption greatly.


This shall be the first time of two TELCOs cooperated in the field of telecommunications technology.


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