Installation of UIY Surface Mounting Isolator/Circulator
Time : 2021-11-05

UIY Surface Mount Isolator and Circulators, featured by its small size, easy to install by reflow soldering, offer high frequency and rich frequency range which are one of the popular choices among our customers.

The Surface Mount Isolator/Circulator is easy to install because it does not require complicated installation skills and wiring. All you have to do is to solder and install it on the board applied.

So how to install the surface mount products? here are the steps:

The Surface Mount Circulator or isolators can be installed by reflow soldering.

Firstly, Pad design:


the pad design is decided by pin size, it is required to make a pad for each pin. For example, if the pin size of Circulator is Φ1.2mm, we recommend to make a pad size by 1.5mm;

Secondly, make a pad at the bottom too, and ground the bottom (As shown below).

Note: Please don’t put too much solder paste, or else the solder paste will overflow around after putting the Circulator on, which may cause a short circuit at the bottom of the three pins.

In addition, the installation method of the surface mount isolator and the surface mount circulator are the same.

Recommended for small size Surface Mount Isolator/Circulator



Surface Mount Isolator

Model: UIYSI12A

Forward Power: 30W

Freq.Range: 0.7-10.0GHz

Reverse Power: 10W

IL.: 0.3dB

Connector Type: SMT

Isolation: 23dB

Temp.: -40~+90°C

VSWR: 1.2

Dimension LxWxH: Φ12.7×8mm

Product Picture

RF Characteristics

Mechanical Drawing



Surface Mount Circulator

Model: UIYSC9B

Forward Power: 30W

Freq.Range: 4.8~12.0GHz

Reverse Power: 30W

IL.: 0.4dB

Connector Type: SMT

Isolation: 20dB

Temp.: -20~+60°C

VSWR: 1.25

Dimension LxWxH: Φ9×6.5mm

Product Picture

RF Characteristics

Mechanical Drawing