2496-2690MHz Spectrum Introduction
Time : 2022-08-15

There are 12 available frequency bands for TD-LTE in the world, which are 1900 ~ 1920MHz, 2010~2025 MHz, 1850~1910MHz, 1930~1990MHz, 1910~1930MHz, 2570~2620MHz, 1880~1920MHz, 2300~2400MHz, 2496~2690MHz, 3400~3600MHz, 3600~3800MHz, 703~803MHz.

China has divided into 4 frequency bands for TDD, which are: 2010~2025MHz, 1880~1920MHz, 2300~2400MHz, 2496~2690MHz.

Among them, Spectrum in the 2496-2690 MHz range is very typical, it includes bands 7, 38, 41 53, 69 and n7, n38, n41, n53 & n90, which are widely used for mobile services. Besides, more countries are considering or planning to assign spectrum in this range for use in LTE and 5G networks.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced as early as March 21, 2022 that it will launch the next phase of the 5G mid-band (2.5GHz band auction) on July 29 this year to expand the available 5G bandwidth and increase 5G Coverage. It is planned to release frequency range 2496 ~ 2690MHz, a total of 117.5MHz, and 8,000 New Flexible-use county-level licenses are provided, with the license term 10 years.

2496~2690MHz RF Isolator Circulator