2400 to 7125MHz Triplexer-UIYTX9073A

Time: 2023-02-17

UIY released a new triplexer features insertion loss 2.0dB, high isolation 50dB among the three channels. It is used to separating S band 2400~2500MHz from C band 5170~5835Mz and 5935~7125MHz. Handling power 50W, VSWR 1.35:1, coaxial connector SMA Female or N Female optional, size 90*73*25mm.


Model Number: UIYTX9073A

Freq. Range:(MHz): CH1  2400 ~ 2500MHz

                                   CH2  5170 ~ 5835MHz

                                   CH3  5935 ~ 7125MHz


Triplexer RF Characteristics

Triplexer Mechanical Drawing