1165 to 1585.65MHz Custom Band Pass Filter UIYBPF16768A for GPS, GNSS


The UIY Filter UIYBPF16768A with pass band 1165 to 1585.65MHz,  is a pass band filter used for GPS/GNSS application. The GPS L5 signal at 1176.45 MHz was developed for aviation safety. It is the most advanced civilian signal offered by GPS because it is faster and more powerful and lower frequency than the precise codes of L1 and L2. L5 is currently widely available (from 12 satellites) and is expected to be fully available in 2024 (24 satellites).


The filter UIYBPF16768A works at rejection 60dB @ 1622.5~2000MHz and 40dB @DC~1000MHz. It offers insertion loss less than 1.0dB, handling power of 50W, VSWR 1.35:1 max, ripple in-band less than 0.8dB.


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Model No.: UIYBPF16768A1165T158565SF

Freq.Range (MHz): 1165~1585.65 MHz

IL Max(dB): 1.0

Ripple in-band Max(dB): 0.8

Rejection Min (dB): 60dB @ 1622.5~2000MHz

40dB @DC~1000MHz

VSWR Max:  1.35

Power(W):  50W

Connector Type:  SMA-Female

Temp. (°C): -40 ~ +85 °C

Dimension LxWxH(mm):  167*68*47mm

Manufacturer: UIY Inc.


Datasheet:   https://www.uiy.com/Datasheet/UIYBPF16768A.pdf

Video: https://youtu.be/061ijd3vkAQ



UIYBPF16768A Mechanical Drawing