Coaxial Isolator, UIYCI2528A2000T2700SF, UIYCI2528A1800T2200NF, SMA, N Isolator

Coaxial Isolator, UIYCI2528A Frequency range from 700 to 5000MHz Welcome to custom productionDue to the diversity of spec, we are unable to display all products.If you have any parameter questions about frequency, power, insertion loss etc, pls feel free to contact us directly.Tel: +86-755-83748888         +86-755-25999990Fax: +86-755-25999959Mail:

Coaxial Isolator UIYCI3546A, Frequency range 300 to 930MHz

Design Features◆ Can be dual junction even three for high isolation.◆ Custom design available upon request.◆ Military, space and commercial applications.◆ Guaranteed for one year standard.Connector Type: Power: F = FemaleM = MaleFWD = ForwardREV = ReversePart NumberFrequencyRange(GHz)IsolationMin(dB)InsertionLossMax(dB)VSWRMaxFWDPower(W)REVPower(W)ConnectorTypeDimensionL×W×H(mm)UIYCI3546A300T320NF……