Learn About Power Divider

The power divider is a device that divides the power of one input signal into two or more outputs with equal or unequal energy, and can also conversely combine the energy of multiple signals into one output, when it is called combiner.  A certain degree of isolation should be guaranteed between the output ports of a power divider. Power divider is also called over-current divider. There ……

Understanding Directional Coupler in Five Minutes

In a microwave system, it is often necessary to divide the microwave power of one channel into several channels in proportion, which involves power distribution issues. The components that realize this function are called power distribution components or couplers, which mainly include: directional couplers, power dividers and various microwave branch devices. This article mainly introduces th……

16 Way Power Divider 5 to 6GHz, UIY16PD21759A5T6SF

 Due to the diversity of spec, we are unable to display all products.If you have any parameter questions about frequency, power, insertion loss etc, pls feel free to contact us directly.Tel: +86-755-83748888         +86-755-25999990Fax: +86-755-25999959Mail: sales@uiy.com      sales@uiy.com.cn 

8 Way Power Divider 136 to 480Mhz

 Due to the diversity of spec, we are unable to display all products.If you have any parameter questions about frequency, power, insertion loss etc, pls feel free to contact us directly. Tel: +86-755-25999909Fax: +86-755-25999959Mail:  sales@uiy.com      sales@uiy.com.cn 

2 Way Power Divider 400 to 4000MHz

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