3dB bridge
Time : 2016-11-09

3dB bridge on the arms of the bridge notes:

1, when the bridge carrying arms to gently, using the bridge before the instructions should be strictly in accordance with the method of wiring.

2, the double bridge resistor for measuring low resistance test method must be terminated by four access bridge, current and voltage connector joints should be separated connection, the connection point to ensure reliable contacts.

3, using the bridge before warm-up power for five minutes, adjust the bridge balance should be avoided pointer galvanometer swing is too large, before the official measurement of resistance using a multimeter on the size of the measured resistance is determine, according to the values given in the right choice multimeter magnification.

4, note galvanometer zero adjustment, sensitivity adjustment to the first minimum operation to gradually improve the measurement sensitivity.

5, the measurement operation as short as possible, to avoid large current for a long time power measurement error caused by the operation or endanger the security instrument.