22 to 33GHz WR34 Waveguide Isolator Circulator


UIY is providing full series of 22~33GHz RF isolators and circulators with connection type from coaxial, drop in, waveguide etc. Take UIYWI2260A for example, a type of WR34 Waveguide isolator, it is configured with WR34 Flange with insertion loss less than 0.3dB, isolation higher than 18dB, forward power 60W reverse 30W, operating temp over -40 ~ +70°C.

Model No.: UIYWI2260A22T33 UIYWC2230A22T33
Freq. (GHz) 22.0 ~ 33.0GHz 22.0 ~ 33.0GHz
BW Max. Full Full
IL Max(dB): 0.3 0.4
Isolation Min (dB): 18 18
VSWR Max: 1.3 1.15
Forward Power(W): 60W 60W
Reverse Power(W): 30W 60W
Connector type: WR34(BJ260) WR34(BJ260)
Temp.(°C) -40~+70°C -30~+70°C
Size: 60×60×28mm 60×60×28mm
Drawing diagram  UIYWI2260A22T33  UIYWC2230A22T33