The Filter Market When 5G Massive MIMO Prevail
Time : 2022-06-02

Massive MIMO (massive multiple-input multiple-output) is a key technology for 5G to improve system capacity and spectrum utilization.

In the 5G era, Massive MIMO technology is widely used in base stations.

The number of Massive MIMO antennas used in 5G can reach 64 or 128.

In the future, when themillimeter wave technologyturns to be more reliable and cost effective, the antenna size is expected to be smaller, but the number of antennas in the array can even reach 256.

In the base station, each antenna needs to be equipped with a duplexer. Each duplexer consists of two sets of stop-band filters (notch filters) with different frequencies to isolate the transmit and receive signals. Meanwhile, it can prevent the signals transmitted by the antenna from being received by the antenna.

Therefore, when the number of antennas increases, the number of filters increases proportionally.


5G base station filter market:

The user groups of base station filter are mainly base station equipment suppliers, operators and antenna manufacturers